Survive the Streets, the Job and 
the Life of a Female Officer
Without Having To Do It Alone...
For females in law enforcement who crave sisterhood, community and support from other women who get it.

The Lady Sheepdog Club is For YOU If:

You are tired of not being understood by family, friends and co-workers.

You have been on the job for a long time OR you are trying to get IN the job

You would like to be apart of a sisterhood of women in law enforcement who support one another, share their experiences and help other lady sheepdogs to grow and better themselves.

You could benefit from having a coach who has been in your shoes, fought her own battles in law enforcement, been forced to medically retire and is still THRIVING and is there to support you 100% of your journey!

If this sounds like you, then join us NOW! It is the first community of its kind in the nation!
Oh, and Did I Mention Its FREE for 7 Days??
But Hurry! There Are Only 50 Spots Left!
RIGHT When You Sign Up You Get:
  • Immediate Access to the Lady Sheepdog Club's Private Community on Facebook (24/7 Access) ($500 Value)
  •  Immediate Access to the member's only training library, where there are hours and hours of exclusive training and support for you!(24/7 Access) ($1,000 value)
  •  24/7 on going support inside of the Lady Sheepdog Club ($500 value)
  •  Pre-job prep to include how to get through the entire process, step by step ($147 Value)
  •  Mindset prep on how to deal with living the life of a female officer ($147 Value)
  •  How to handle your personal life trainings, when you are a female officer ($147 Value)
  •  Fitness workouts, PT test prep, and meal prep options ($50 Value)
  •  An experienced mentor and life coach who has walked the walk and is here to support you ($1000 value)
  •  Monthly LIVE Q&A's! ($100 Value)
Total Value of The Lady Sheepdog Club: $3,591!!
But if you sign up today, you won't pay that (or even close!)
And before you say it, these are not just made up numbers. I have actually charged these prices in the past! 
You literally will never be alone inside of Law Enforcement ever again...
and as a FEMALE in law enforcement I can tell you from experience 
Its kind of like having your own family of sisters who have been in your shoes and will guide you every step of the way inside of your career. 

I'll be giving you every piece of advice I can about how you can survive the streets. The REAL shit and the TRUTH about it what its like and how to deal with the various aspects.  
This Could Be You....
So here's the inside scoop on this whole Lady Sheepdog Movement
Hi I'm Autumn!
I am the founder of the Lady Sheepdog Movement.
I have been in law enforcement since I was 20 years old.
(I actually turned 21 in a police car!)
I had to medically retire at a young age but I cannot stop serving so this is what I have created for you.
Being a cop is by far one of the coolest things I've ever done HOWEVER
it is FUCKING HARD. Especially as a woman...
I remember not having a CLUE about what the fuck I was doing while going through my first oral board...I made SO many mistakes!!
But I had support from a woman who was a Lieutenant. She worked out with me every week, prepped me on my oral board and helped me every step of the way... even when I failed.

I failed my first PT test... 
I didn't pass one of the hiring processes I was in...
I made the mistake of NOT setting boundaries with the guys I worked with and ended up getting labeled very early in my career. 
I had to ask so many questions on FTO, one of my FTO's complained to my Lieutenant's about it.  

And the worst was that I had NO IDEA
how to FIT IN. 
I was the minority and no one was leading the way for me and giving the the hard answers or guidance I needed.
Then after working for a year with all men on the job... a woman came out of the police academy and became my friend. She had been on the job for 1 more year then me. She mentored me, through the academy, through finishing FTO, on the road and in my personal life. 
I would not have known what to do without her, she literally changed my life.
That's why I created this. I know what its like to be supported in law enforcement by someone who is just like me and I ALSO know what its like to do this job alone. Don't do it alone. You have a community of women just like you who are actually SUPPORTIVE and WANT to see you succeed!
Negativity is NOT aloud in the Lady Sheepdog Club and it's all confidential so you never have to worry!
The Details:
When you sign up TODAY you'll come in for FREE for 7 days... if you love it (which I know you will!) then you stay and only pay $47 a month!!
Thats LESS then the average gym membership!
  •  A Lady Sheepdog DOES NOT MAKE excuses- she knows she can do anything she sets her mind to.
  •  A Lady Sheepdog can handle anything that comes her way because she knows she has a sisterhood of other Lady Sheepdogs who have her back.
  •  A Lady Sheepdog is squared away, brave, courageous and well respected. She is a leader in society yet stays very humble and never acts like she knows it all!
  •  A Lady Sheepdog never has to do this job alone again!
Every female in law enforcement has a Lady Sheepdog inside of them...
It's time for you to stand in your power and let her out!
What If You Could Be Apart of Something That is Much Bigger Then Just Yourself?
What if you could be apart of a MOVEMENT?

Lady Sheepdog is changing law enforcement for women all across the country and YOU get to be apart of it!
This isn't just some bullshit program... where the founder wants to take your money and be done with you.

The Lady Sheepdog Club is a SISTERHOOD of women all coming together to be the absolute BEST officers they can be, while learning how to stay strong physically, mentally, and emotionally. This is a compilation of training's from first hand knowledge from me! I will be with you every step of the way throughout your career in law enforcement! 
You do not have to do it alone anymore!

These Lady Sheepdogs are the leaders our daughters will be looking up to tomorrow. 
It is up to us to lead the way for younger generations of females wanting to be in law enforcement. 

Become a Lady Sheepdog and join the nationwide movement with some of the most POWERFUL, COURAGEOUS and well RESPECTED females in the world. 

No, the FREE TRIAL is not a scam.
Its absolutely what it says: FREE for 7 days and if you decide you aren't a Lady Sheepdog then NO WORRIES! Just cancel within the trial period and you will not be charged! 
And if you're like me who just scrolls to the very end of pages like this... here's the deal. Sign up today FOR FREE to join the Lady Sheepdog Club. It is FREE for 7 days (as you can see above). Then after that its only $27 a month to stay in! 
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